Following the company’s strategy to vary incessantly the offer and incorporate new first brand product lines, we’re proud to announce one of the last partnerships we’ve launched: Elektro3 and KH Lloreda. KH Lloreda is leader on the Spanish market in the sectors of kitchen cleaners, fat removers… with the famous lines KH-7 fat remover and KH-7 stain remover.

Finally, we can happily announce the incorporation to our warehouse of the so expected new line of Koma Tools Pro Series professional tools; the bookings which have been made in advance are already being delivered with an excellent public reaction. Do not lose the opportunity to get yours.

This October 8 and 9 CECOFERSA celebrates once again its face-to-face business edition for associates and suppliers

We present our new catalogue for next Autumn/Winter 2019

Coarco, la cooperativa canaria de ferretería, organiza el 24 y 25 de octubre próximo un nuevo encuentro de negocios, donde también participaremos.

On the next 26th and 27th of September 2019 has been organized, in Saragossa, the second COFERDROZA Business Fair. EDM will be represented and will introduce all their last news to you, also present as to help with all kind of doubts there could be with regard to our products.

On June 25th the Ferbric’s purchasing centre and Elektro3-EDM agreed to establish a logistical and commercial collaboration. With this agreement, the partners of Ferbric will have at their disposal 27.000sqm of facilities, once completed the expansion works, and more than 12,500 references in stock, the same as Elektro 3 currently has.

After a few intensive days of Fair we would like to thank to all those people who came to our booth and were interested in our products.

In February they began to level the ground and today the new warehouse is already being covered. The works are progressing at a good pace and we are closer to the expected opening of the third phase of expansion of our facilities.

Un año más Elektro3 asistiremos a la Feria Ferroforma los días 4 al 6 de junio. Aquí estaremos enseñándoles nuestras novedades en bricolage, casa, iluminación...