Convention 2019

Elektro3 has celebrated its annual convention one more year. It took place the 15th and 16th February, two very intense days in which it has been reported and analyzed the figures occurred in the past year and where the major developments planned for this year have also been presented.

The convention this year has had a very clear central axis: new technologies. The future is already here and we must know how to take advantage of it, Elektro3 has always been a modern and pioneering company and wants to continue being so. The most effective way to take advantage of what the future offers us is to understand changes in the market, new channels and sales platforms or the importance of the new relationship between business and customer. This year it has been possible to enjoy several presentations made by accredited professionals who have contributed great arguments to understand and take advantage of all these changes.

This 2019 is full of news and changes, one of the most visible will be the expansion of the central facilities that, once the works are completed will exceed 27,000 m2 and a new showroom of 3,800 m2 will stand out.

We can say that this year has marked a turning point and this has been reflected in the convention. What we saw as a near future has become our current present and we must know how to act in it.


In this section you will find the most representative events Elektro3

Concurso de escaparates

Concurso de escaparates

¡Te invitamos a participar en el primer concurso de escaparates EDM! Envia las fotos de tu escaparate con artículos EDM y puedes ganar hasta 1000€ en material de nuestra marca.

EDM presenta su nuevo folleto de Primavera-Verano 2020 con más de 1.750 productos

EDM presenta su nueva colección de Primavera-Verano 2020 para sus clientes de ferretería y bricolaje. El folleto, con PVP incluido, cuenta con 99 páginas y más de 1.750 productos relacionados con las familias de ventilación, jardín, barbacoas, camping, piscinas, ferretería, hidro, tendido y planchado, limpieza, iluminación y decoración entre otras.

Elektro3 - EDM llega a un acuerdo de colaboración con Control Integral

Elektro3-EDM ha firmado un acuerdo con Control Integral con el objetivo de mejorar y ayudar al sector de la ferretería y bricolaje. Así, a partir de ahora todos los productos del distribuidor se podrán descargar desde el programa de la compañía de software especializado.