New Autumn/Winter Catalague 2018

It is with great pleasure that we hereby present our new Autumn/Winter 2018 catalogue for our hardware and DIY customers, where more than 1.250 products related to Heating, Garlands and Christmas items, Decorative lighting, Electric Tools with Koma Tools, Small Electrical Appliances, Cooking Items, Homeware, Vileda products, Shopping Trolleys, Decoration, Gardening, Lighting and Halloween among others are offered.


Our leaflet is valid up to 20th January 2019 and it is available to download in our website

Additionally, we have launched several promo videos of high quality and with a big range of products to help our customers to promote all of them in their shops, social networks, newsletter, etc. The videos can be displayed through our Youtube official channel

The leaflet, with PVP included, points out for its big variety of products, and amazes for the new product lines, which are introduced in our sales displays. According to the words of Elektro3 managing directors Josep Mª Crusells and Mario Escoda: “It is important to turn hardware store to household store, a place where any family member could find all the required and desired products. Introducing new technologies, with virtual showcases, as well as the product experience, it’s already mandatory to engage the interest of the new consumers and offer new shopping systems. This is vital to keep and increase the sales.


In this section you will find the most representative events Elektro3

Concurso de escaparates

Concurso de escaparates

¡Te invitamos a participar en el primer concurso de escaparates EDM! Envia las fotos de tu escaparate con artículos EDM y puedes ganar hasta 1000€ en material de nuestra marca.

EDM presenta su nuevo folleto de Primavera-Verano 2020 con más de 1.750 productos

EDM presenta su nueva colección de Primavera-Verano 2020 para sus clientes de ferretería y bricolaje. El folleto, con PVP incluido, cuenta con 99 páginas y más de 1.750 productos relacionados con las familias de ventilación, jardín, barbacoas, camping, piscinas, ferretería, hidro, tendido y planchado, limpieza, iluminación y decoración entre otras.

Elektro3 - EDM llega a un acuerdo de colaboración con Control Integral

Elektro3-EDM ha firmado un acuerdo con Control Integral con el objetivo de mejorar y ayudar al sector de la ferretería y bricolaje. Así, a partir de ahora todos los productos del distribuidor se podrán descargar desde el programa de la compañía de software especializado.