Elektro3-EDM ha firmado un acuerdo con Control Integral con el objetivo de mejorar y ayudar al sector de la ferretería y bricolaje. Así, a partir de ahora todos los productos del distribuidor se podrán descargar desde el programa de la compañía de software especializado.

EDM presenta su nueva colección de Primavera-Verano 2020 para sus clientes de ferretería y bricolaje. El folleto, con PVP incluido, cuenta con 99 páginas y más de 1.750 productos relacionados con las familias de ventilación, jardín, barbacoas, camping, piscinas, ferretería, hidro, tendido y planchado, limpieza, iluminación y decoración entre otras.

Elektro3- EDM meets manufacturers and more than 128 sales consultants from Spain and Portugal

Cofra, Simon Rack, Altipesa, Tamar, Altadex y Inofix:

Elektro 3 - EDM took part in the Virtual Fairs of COARCO, COMAFE and FERRCASH

Elektro3-EDM and Vileda now sign a new agreement: the exclusive distribution for the sectors of hardware and DIY. Elektro3-EDM already counted with Vileda’s confidence for the distribution of the complete line of racks and ironing and now enlarges line to the complete cleaning line, with more than 190new incorporations of Vileda products.

Last October has been an intense month for fairs and important events in the term of hardware stores, organized by Groups of Purchasing Organization such as COFERDROZA, CECOFERSA or even COARCO for example. After the dedicated efforts as to be present in most of them, we can say this has been worth it and wish to thank the warm welcoming that has been given to our products and lineal exposition systems.

This year, one of our important news is that we’ve decided to give some more dedication to the Xmas theme and, for this reason, we’ve created a specific catalogue will all the necessary products as to enjoy these celebrations as should be.

Following the company’s strategy to vary incessantly the offer and incorporate new first brand product lines, we’re proud to announce one of the last partnerships we’ve launched: Elektro3 and KH Lloreda. KH Lloreda is leader on the Spanish market in the sectors of kitchen cleaners, fat removers… with the famous lines KH-7 fat remover and KH-7 stain remover.

Finally, we can happily announce the incorporation to our warehouse of the so expected new line of Koma Tools Pro Series professional tools; the bookings which have been made in advance are already being delivered with an excellent public reaction. Do not lose the opportunity to get yours.